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Adaptogens 101

Adaptogens 101


What’s all the excitement around adaptogens? And more importantly, what are they? Lately, it seems like everywhere you turn, adaptogens are the hottest trending topic on the market, fueling a growing piece of the $4 trillion wellness industry! It’s no surprise these magical herbs and mushrooms are taking center stage around the world when there is a collective of people who are still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, which still lingers today.   


A positive outcome from these recent times, more people now than ever are shifting their focus and entire lifestyles towards wellness. They’re incorporating better-for-you products into their daily routines, practicing mindfulness, boosting their immune systems, and most importantly, reconnecting with nature’s offerings for a healthier lifestyle. The market and current trends reflect this collective shift in practice.


To put it simply, adaptogens are the actions of a plant, which influence human organisms. They are believed to help manage the body’s reaction to stress, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, balance hormones, and fight off fatigue. There are various ways to incorporate them into our lifestyles. Some opt for topical applications, while others prefer consuming them through tinctures, capsules, and tablets, Our preferred approach is incorporating adaptogens into beverages. It’s simple, fun, innovative, and allows us to share the power of adaptogens with everyone in any experience. In essence, adaptogens are gradually making their mark on society, and weaving their way into our lives.


At Harmony Craft Beverages, we’re excited to harness the power of adaptogens to create innovative products. If you’re interested in joining us on this journey, reach out to our team.


Next week we will explore the Evolution of Adaptogens, stay tuned and we hope you enjoyed learning about adaptogens. Remember, research on adaptogens is ongoing, and as new developments arise, our insights and educational materials will evolve too.