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Harmony Craft Beverages is the bridge for new beverage brands allowing you to take control of your future in new and growing NA and Functional Infused Beverage categories. Categories where nascent supply chain and high-quality products are challenged by severe supply chain gaps, chokepoints, and limitations for brand entrants.


Increased demand for alcohol substitutes and infused beverages creates the need for Harmony Craft Beverages’ team of industry leaders and experts for dealcoholization, product innovation, infusion technology, brand development, marketing, and operational expertise.


Our Services

We are committed to a premium approach to creating non-alcoholic and functional infused beverages through our state-of-the-art dealcoholization technology and processes as well as our brand, product development, and brand marketing experience.


Brand Strategy
and Development

Leveraging our team of industry leading branding and marketing expert resources, HCB will develop robust, thoughtful and compelling brand experiences that resonate with your target audiences and mirror it’s traditional CPG brand counterparts.


Research and

With 100+ combined years of deep beverage expertise in innovative service offerings such as dealcoholization and flavor management services, HCB will work with your brand to develop state of the art formulations crafted to mirror even the most complex of beverages.


Packaging and

HCB provides its partner brands a one-stop-shop for high-end package design and/or refinement, compliance and regulatory checks for packaging and raw ingredient testing, vetted print and packaging vendor networks, and grouped pricing as a result of our portfolio model.


Supply Chain

Our ecosystem provides a partner network of experienced and vetted co-manufacturers with the ability to produce low MOQ trial runs all the way up to scale production, as well as experienced distribution partners who understand beverage. We manage your supply-chain process.


Marketing and

Through our experience marketing for unconventional CPG brands, HCB offers creative and impactful go-to-market planning leveraging our network of DTC and retail channel partners and Cannabis and No/Low Alcohol brand marketing experts.


Who we’ve
worked with

We look for brands that want to do more than slap a label on a can and call it a day. Harmony Craft Beverages formulates the best product to align with your vision and also helps brands tell the story in ways that will resonate with the end consumer. We are partners along the journey providing support when and where you need it most.

“Harmony Craft Beverages is the elixir that lubricates the fabric of creative libations like Klaus.”

- Warren Bobrow (Founder of Klaus)