Malus is the first live resin-infused nonalcoholic cider. Made with premium, sun-grown cannabis and "eating" apples, it is harmony between the flower & the fruit.



Ready-to-drink THC-infused cocktails by famed master mixologist Warren Bobrow.



Herbacée is the nation’s first cannabis-infused nonalcoholic wine that pays homage to traditional French-inspired wine blends.

"Working with Harmony Craft Beverages has simplified our process of getting product to market, and has allowed us to focus on what we do best."

– Ben E (Malus)

“From dealcoholization to formulation, the team at Harmony Craft Beverages has been a dream to work with. We've been able to build a successful cannabis beverage brand within a few short months, thanks to their dedicated team and thoughtful approach.”

- Jamie E (Herbacée)

“Breaking down to the brass tacks, without Harmony Craft Beverages, I'd still be dreaming about creating the finest craft-cannabis infused libation in the world."

- Warren B (Klaus)