Malus is the first live resin-infused nonalcoholic cider. Made with premium, sungrown botanicals & "eating" apples, it is harmony between flower & fruit.



Ready-to-drink THC-infused cocktails by famed master mixologist Warren Bobrow. Klaus makes delicious beverages with the best ingredients.



Herbacée is the nation’s first functional-infused nonalcoholic wine that pays homage to traditional French-inspired wine blends.

Lift Mango Seltzer


Whether for socializing or celebrating, Lift Seltzer offers a refreshingly new type of buzz. With only 2mg THC + 6mg CBD, the micro-dosed beverages kick in quickly and let you set your own pace.

"Working with Harmony Craft Beverages has simplified our process of getting product to market, and has allowed us to focus on what we do best."

– Ben E (Malus)

“From dealcoholization to formulation, the team at Harmony Craft Beverages has been a dream to work with. We've been able to build a successful functional-infused beverage brand within a few short months, thanks to their dedicated team and thoughtful approach.”

- Jamie E (Herbacée)

“Breaking down to the brass tacks, without Harmony Craft Beverages, I'd still be dreaming about creating the finest craft functional-infused libation in the world."

- Warren B (Klaus)