Our Story

Harmony Craft Beverages was born out of desire to celebrate the craft of the modern beverage. We have built a team of passionate, beverage business-savvy creatives, brand-builders, and connectors, and we want to use our expertise to supercharge your growth. Our expert team supports a portfolio of brands that we manage with a variety of services and support, and we look forward to continuing to build harmoniously with more brands as they enter the space.

We Care for

Extraordinary beverages are born here. No corners cut. No service sacrificed. We believe in building harmony between quality ingredients, flavors, and functionality, and we equally embrace modern technologies and ancient wisdom in our quest to bring the best products to market. We carefully source partners and ingredients that will help your product scale and stand out.

HCB - Beverage incubator and accelerator

Our Values

Our commitment to these virtues is reflected in the beverages we dream up and in the community we encourage.


Nurturing Connection

We believe that beverage is a cornerstone of connection, and that deep human connection inspires amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.


Open Minds Open Doors

We encourage exploration and know that education about emerging categories is key to building your success. We pride ourselves on accessibility and bridge-building.


Build with Balance

We know the importance of balance - both on the palate and in your workflow. We strive to build balance in our own brands - and yours, and know that consumers will appreciate this thoughtful approach.


Grow Through What
We Go Through

We believe that we are stronger together, and we have worked to create a highly-focused system that has the potential to lift brands, a category, and a movement.