Our Story Care For Craftsmanship

Harmony Craft Beverages was born from the idea that drinking your cannabis should be as enjoyable as indulging in any other elixir. Our care for craftsmanship inspires us to dig deeper into the possibilities of cannabis-infused beverages. With this imagination, we embrace modern technologies alongside traditional wisdom for the highest-quality beverage experience.

Mindful At
Every Step

Extraordinary cannabis-infused beverages are forged through attention to detail. No corners cut. No component sacrificed. Ingredients, flavors, and effects act as equal partners in the overall experience. That’s why we carefully source and formulate our beverages – to deliver fast-acting, consistent, and delicious results that just make you feel good.


Rooted in

There is a simple joy in connecting humans to the awe and wonder of nature, and in connecting humans to one another. Whether you’re highly experienced or curious about cannabis, Harmony Craft Beverages are for YOU. As for our name, Harmony represents striking a blissful balance between cannabis and other natural ingredients. We honor the Craft of cannabis and beverage innovation, with the aim of making the most of this magical, powerful plant.

Our Values

Our commitment to these virtues is reflected in the beverages we dream up and in the community we encourage.


Nurturing Connection

We believe connection is the key to happiness. Deep human connection inspires the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.


Open Minds Open Doors

We welcome all people, free of judgement. We encourage exploration and we pride ourselves on accessibility.


Balance with Intention

We create balance in both taste and experience. We fuse the (Cannabis) flower and natural ingredients to align mind, body, and soul, on your terms.


Grow Through What
We Go Through

Our experiences shape who we are, and who we may ultimately become. A calm and balanced mind helps us grow from everything we see, touch, taste, smell or hear.

Our Partners

Harmony Craft Beverages is a collaborative effort between a dream team of individuals who share a vision for designing unique, consistent, and memorable infused beverage experiences.

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