Hello From Harmony Craft Beverages!

Beverage is a challenging market to navigate—even with incredible products at the heart of your venture. With a small but growing share of the market, beverages face even more challenges – but also incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs. As part of the Sands Lane ecosystem, Harmony Craft Beverages is building a new path for beverages by offering a full suite of services across the development, scaling, and selling of functional, no- and low-, and hemp/cannabis-infused beverages at any stage of their journey. Our top-notch team and extensive networks help us to create, build and support best-in-class products from concept to customer.

Great Brands Were Built via Our Ecosystem

We don’t just talk about innovation and category creation – we’ve done it with some of the best brands in the industry. Our portfolio includes innovative brands like mixology-forward Klaus, wine-inspired Rosiér, Herbaceé, and Malus, a premium cider with a microdose of Sour Diesel live resin. 

These are craft brands, built with intentionality, and as our portfolio grows, we are excited to offer additional beverage-first marketing and go-to-market strategy and services. Our craft beverage focus and hospitality-led approach to field and trade marketing have allowed us to build, scale, and support a portfolio of brands through highly customized services and experiences. 

Why Work With Harmony Craft Beverages 

By providing full-service project management from inception to consumer experience, Harmony Craft Beverages provides access to some of the most innovative resources in cannabis and no- and low- beverages. 

  • We take groundbreaking products from dream drink to concrete concept. Our teams manage every aspect of the process by deploying creative services, operational planning, bridge building with trade-leading partners across the supply chain, in market, and in mainstream consumer culture.
  • Harmony Craft Beverages takes an idea from post-it to can-in-hand by letting you focus on the things in your brand journey you want to do – and skip what you don’t. No more scrambling for formulation, combing through research, or having to hunt for the best partners across the supply chain. 

We Believe in Building a Better Future – For Everyone

From excellent consumer experiences to growth in brand sales, we evaluate many benchmarks when it comes to “success” in cannabis beverages. But we know that by building business and opportunities with like-minded beverage brands can benefit all of us, so we have created a unique ecosystem designed to maximize your brand marketing – with your budget in mind. Reach out to learn more about where your brand might fit in our unique Field Marketing and Portfolio Services. 

Get inspired by the progress that this category has made in recent years, and think about how we can play together in that space.