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2024 Beverage Trends

2024 Beverage Trends – A Look Through the Incubator Lens

At Harmony Craft Beverages, we’re not just beverage enthusiasts, we’re evolving the beverage landscape. We have been witnessing trends before they become mainstream, and in 2024, we’re going to see significant momentum in the non-alcoholic and functional-infused space. For those wanting to begin the beverage journey, we’re about to uncork the latest trends: Functional Frenzy:…

The Importance of Awards in Building the Cannabis Beverage Category

We have a lot to be excited about here at Harmony Craft Beverages. We are working with new brands to bring their products to life through our innovation and supply chain pipeline, while simultaneously growing our beverage-led field and trade marketing program. We also are honored to share that two of our portfolio brands have…
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Finding Harmony in Functional Beverages

Functional beverages are revolutionizing the beverage industry, offering more than just hydration and flavor for consumers. These innovative drinks, enriched with beneficial ingredients, are gaining popularity among consumers seeking health and wellness effects from their beverages. Functional beverages go beyond tradition by incorporating ingredients that provide specific health benefits. From energy drinks to fine-crafted tonics,…
HCB - Beverage incubator and accelerator

Harmony Craft Beverages: Building the Future for Better Beverages

Welcome to Harmony Craft Beverages, where we believe in the power of connection and shared experiences. In this rapidly evolving world, we’re witnessing a remarkable shift in social drinking preferences, and as more consumers seek alcohol-free or better-for-you options, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the future is bright for the exciting realm of cannabis-infused drinks. …
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Hello From Harmony Craft Beverages!

Beverage is a challenging market to navigate—even with incredible products at the heart of your venture. With a small but growing share of the market, beverages face even more challenges – but also incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs. As part of the Sands Lane ecosystem, Harmony Craft Beverages is building a new path for beverages by…